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De Lorenzo features a large range of hair products specifically designed to target specific hair conditions and types. There is a De Lorenzo product for everyone. Whether it is a scalp or hair condition, De Lorenzo has it.  


Where Is De Lorenzo Made?
De Lorenzo products are made in Australia. The fantastic feature of this brand, is the core of their products consist of Australian, native, organic ingredients. This does two things - firstly it ensures our products are as natural as possible, and do not contain harmful chemicals.


Is De Lorenzo Shampoo Sulphate Free?
Most of the De Lorenzo range is sulphate free, however, not all are. Tricho series, prescriptive solutions ranges are, however, the instant range is not. Please refer to the individual shampoos for confirmation.


De Lorenzo Hair
De Lorenzo continues to be one of the few professional hair brands made in Australia that designs, develops, tests, manufactures, and ships its products from a single Sydney facility. Their factory is equipped with the latest technology and tools to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and standards possible.


Environmentally Sustainability
De Lorenzo has demonstrated environmental leadership for many years. They are constantly looking for ways to use new procedures and technologies. To lessen its environmental impact, De Lorenzo uses packaging that contains the highest percentage of recycled material; a logo identifying the recycled material is visible on the packaging.


Is De Lorenzo Cruelty Free?
Yes, De Lorenzo is certified cruelty-free. They are also accredited by PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies program which ensures that companies meet the highest global animal protection standards set by PETA and the Coalition for Consumer


Is De Lorenzo Vegan?
Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) has certified and accredited all De Lorenzo products as vegan, using plant-based, organic, and, whenever possible, wild-harvested ingredients.

Poducts or byproducts like lanolin, keratin, beeswax, or silk proteins are not used by us. Our products contain fragrant botanical oils and locally grown plants like wattle seed and kakadu plum, all of which are balanced to work well in the Australian climate.


De Lorenzo Instant Range
Daily hair care for daily people. The Instant series is a line of everyday shampoo, conditioner, and treatment products made with fast-acting protein derivatives and natural bases to treat all hair types, from frizzy or fine to coloured or normal.

De Lorenzo Novafusion Range
The Novafusion and Novafusion Intense Colour Care product lines are designed to complement the colour of your hair. The formulation controls and prevents colour fading in natural and colour-treated hair types while giving hair a brilliant shine. Novafusion, which comes in a variety of shampoo colours and supporting conditioners, makes maintaining colour simple.

The line is free of sulphates and parabens and contains botanical extracts like Kakadu Plum, Birch, and Rooibos extract.


De Lorenzo Elements Hair Products

The Elements styling collection was created to complement our Australian "outdoor" way of life and is inspired by the four basic elements: fire, water, wind, and earth. These natural-based styling products support the development of styles that look natural. This line of products, which contains a new generation of polymer, enables you to have all-day hold with flexibility, movement, and no tacky or crunchiness. contains UV sun protection and ingredients that are certified organic and fair trade.