Manic Panic Classic Semi Permanent Color
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Manic Panic Hair Dye for Brighter Beautiful Hair

If you’ve dyed your hair before, with Manic Panic colours or not, you’ll know how fun and invigorating it can be. It’s a way to significantly switch up your look without spending a lot of money or making a permanent change. It can also allow you to express yourself creatively, experiment with your appearance and give yourself an overdue boost of confidence. So, if you’re ready for a change, take the leap and buy Manic Panic hair dye today!

Discover an Impressive Range of Manic Panic Colors

If you’re looking for bright and beautiful hair dye colours, you can’t go past Manic Panic Classic Creams. Manic Panic is a trusted brand that offers a variety of vibrant colour options, including unusual shades such as banana yellow, silver and turquoise. They also offer specialised bleach kits to better prepare your hair for taking colour, so you don’t have to worry about shades coming out dull or different to how you expect. Plus, all of Manic Panic’s hair dyes are made from vegan-friendly ingredients, and they are not tested on animals, so you can enjoy these colours completely guilt-free.

Bellezza’s Beloved Hair & Beauty Products

Along with an assortment of temporary hair dyes like the Manic Panic Classic Creams, Bellezza offers all kinds of hair and beauty products. If you need hair supplies, waxing and tanning equipment, makeup or electricals, Bellezza is the place to go. We can also assist with nail maintenance, beard grooming and lash growth. As suppliers of some of the best and most highly revered beauty brands in Australia, we are trusted by professionals around the country to provide them with salon furniture, equipment and accessories. So, if you want hair that meets salon standards, you can count on us to provide the necessary products.

Why Do Customers Love Bellezza?

There are many reasons why skin and hair care enthusiasts choose Bellezza as their supplier of beauty products. One is that our products are both high-quality and affordable. We want well-made beauty products from reputable brands to be as accessible as possible, which is why we always offer value-for-money hair care packs and sale items. Furthermore, our store is run by an experienced team who know the ins and outs of the beauty industry. We can help you find the perfect product for your salon as well as your daily at-home hair and beauty routine.

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Ready for a bold new look? Buy Manic Panic hair dye today and try out a whole new you!