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Buy Hair Dye At Bellezza

Buy hair dyes from one of the leading wholesalers of an extensive range of branded hairdressing and beauty products - Bellezza.

A Wide Range Of Permanent Hair Colours at Bellezza

Are you searching for branded at-home hair colours? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here at Bellezza, we store a wide range of permanent hair colours from some of the leading hair care brands in Australia.

Right from the hottest shades of platinum blonde to deep rich chocolate shade, we are a one-stop solution for all your hair care and colour needs. We store creme, foam, and oil-based formulas which contain natural ingredients to protect and nourish your coloured hair.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

If you want rich colour but only for a certain occasion, then try our semi-permanent hair colour. Our wide range of semi-permanent hair colour only coats the hair shaft to temporarily transform your hair with desired hair colour. Not being permanent, our temporary hair colours will eventually wash out after some time.

Using our semi-permanent hair colour is a great way of trying a new colour for your hair – choose from classic blonde or super bold black. Here at Bellezza, we stock a wide range of on-trend hair colour shades like pastels or super brights perfect for light or pre-bleached hair colours.

One-Stop Solution For Hair Supply and Colour

At Belleza, we store an extensive range of high-quality hair colouring products: from organic, permanent, to semi-permanent hair colours. Our top brand hair dye products are:

And many more!

Buy beauty and hair supplies from one of the best online beauty and hair care stores.

Browse through our extensive range of hair colours and find the best hair colour for your occasion!