Color Design Permanent Hair Color 100ml

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Italy is known the world over for its rich history of art, fashion, music, romance and the performance of hair color. Renown for vibrancy, shine, and rich lustrous results, ColorDesign™ Ceramide  technology leaves the hair feeling silkier and in better condition then prior to coloring.

ColorDesign offers the Stylist the option of either Opaque or Translucent results based on the needs of their client. ColorDesign produces (46) shades of 100% ammonia-free Tone-on-Tone color with two buffered developers (7&13 Volume). ColorDesign Permanent Creme Hair Color is available in (134) shades with four buffering developers (10, 20, 30, 40 Volume).

When you need more than 5 levels of lightening, ColorDesign™ Shiny Blond clay based creme lighter is the perfect tool for the job. For up to 7 levels of controlled lightening, ColorDesign produces three, 100% dust & Ammonia-free silk protein enhanced Powder Lightners (white, blue and violet).

ColorDesign™ FUN&GLAM direct dye collection is available in (11) vibrant fashion colors including Clear which allows the colorist to create customized colors including pastels.

Finally, our Reconstructing Shampoo, Oil and Mask treatments improve the strength of the hair from the inside out creating stunning results.



The following information is meant to serve as a guide only for the mixing of our products. ColorDesign is not responsible if a Colorist chooses to add something from outside of our product line such as bond multipliers, color accelerators or the addition of heat and/or a lack of appropriate temperature.

If the desired color is the same level or darker than the client’s natural level, use ColorDesign Tone-on-Tone color. If the desired color is lighter that the client’s natural color, or the client has more than 50% grey and maximum coverage is desired, use ColorDesign permanent hair color. For maximum lightening in one step, ColorDesign super-lighteners are recommended. For more than four levels of lift, ColorDesign SHINY BLOND or a Powder Lightener should be used.


  • For opaque results mix 50cc of color with 50cc of the appropriate developer (1:1 ratio).
  • For translucent results mix 50cc of color with 75cc of the appropriate developer (1:1.5 ratio)
  • Process between 35-45 minutes


  • Mix 50cc of color with 75cc of either 7 or 13 Volume Developer (1:1.5 ratio)
  • Use 7 Volume Developer for maximum deposit
  • Use 13 Volume Developer for extra vibrancy


  • Mix 50cc with 125cc of 40 Volume Developer (1-2.5 ratio)
  • Process for 45 minutes


  • Mix 30ml with 45ml of the desired developer (mixing ratio 1:1.5)
  • Process for 30 minutes at room temperature


  • 2 levels of lift with 10 volume developer
  • 3 levels of lift with 20 volume developer
  • 4 levels of lift with 30 volume developer
  • 5 levels of lift with 40 volume developer


  • Mix 1 scoop to 45cc of appropriate developer
  • Process for up to 60 minutes depending on results desired and the integrity of the hair


  • Permanent Color: Process for 35 minutes (up to 40 for resistant grey)
  • Super Lighteners: Process for 45 minutes
  • Shiny Blond: Process 15 minutes with heat, 30 minutes at room temperature
  • Powder Lighteners: Process until desired level has been achieved


Choose your developer based on your desired level of lift.

  • 10 volume = 1 level
  • 20 volume = 2 levels (optimal grey coverage)
  • 30 volume = 3 levels
  • 40 volume = 4 levels (optimal lightening when mixed with super lighteners)

For more than four levels of lift use ColorDesign Shiny Blond or Ammonia-Free Powder Lighteners


For optimal grey coverage we recommend the following suggestions to be mixed with 20 Volume Developer:

  • 0-50% Use straight target shade (ie. 7.4)
  • 50%-100% Use 1/2 neutral shade and 1/2 target shade (ie. 1/2 of 7 and 1/2 of 7.4)
  • For more opaque result, mix 50cc of color with 50cc of appropriate developer (1:1 ratio).
  • For more translucent results, mix 50cc of color with 75cc of appropriate developer (1:1.5 ratio)


  • 7 is blonde. The absence of a decimal point followed by additional tones indicates a natural tone (100% natural)
  • 7.4 is a copper blonde. The number before the decimal point is the level (blonde) and the number after the decimal is the tone (copper) (50%Natural, 50% copper)
  • 7.46 is a copper auburn blonde. Level 7 (blonde) with a primary tone of copper and a secondary tone of auburn (50% Natural, 30% copper, 20% Auburn)
  • 7.03 is a natural tone. The level is 7 (blonde) and the (0) after the decimal represents additional natural (80% natural, 20% gold)
  • 7.33 is an intense tone. The level 7 (blonde) and there is a double tone of gold giving an intense dye load, in this case, golden blonde (75% gold, 25% natural)
  • 7.666 is an extra intense tone with a triple tone of auburn (90% auburn, 10% natural)

5 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by rosetta masi on 16th Jun 2023

    This brand works well for me, the variety of colours and the price are great

    Bellezza always has the stock I need, prompt delivery and free over $99

  • 5
    Color Design Permanent Hair Color...

    Published by Hyun mi Cho on 1st Nov 2022

    Color Design Permanent Hair Color 100ml

  • 5

    Published by Helen on 16th Oct 2022

    Best hair colour

  • 5
    Best, Cheap Hair Colour

    Published by Rachel on 10th Sep 2022

    Stumbled across this range, very moisturising, leaves my hair feeling smooth and healthy.

  • 5
    lovely to use turns out a beautiful soft red 9.4

    Published by susie on 25th Jul 2022

    Turns out a wonderful colour, people always comment that the Love my hair colour. I was that colour and it completely restored it

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