Everything You Need To Know About Parvana Hair Colours

Everything You Need To Know About Parvana Hair Colours

Published by Palladio Australia on 28th Jul 2021

If you want to revamp your look, or give yourself some new style, colouring your hair is one of the best ways to transform your old look into a unique one. It is to be believed, that colouring hair is a form of self-expression, it is a way of portraying your personality through the choice of colour whilst boosting inner-confidence. 

People love colouring their hair, not just to change the way they look but to also bring back the long-lost shine due to the overexposure of outside elements and chemically formulated hair products. As a result, choosing the right hair colour and brand is the most important step. It is better to choose a hair product that nourishes and conditions your hair rather than leaving your hair like a dry mess.

To achieve the best result, you should always consider choosing non-toxic and safe hair colour products from a trusted professional hair colour brand. To end your search for a safe, pigmented and professional hair colour, we recommend using Pravana Hair Colour Range. Let’s talk in detail about it, shall we?

What is Pravana Hair Colour Range?

Pravana is one of the leading professional hair colour brands that offers revolutionary, cutting- edge hair care products that are booming in the current beauty industry. With the sole purpose to empower the professional salon industry, Pravana promises unmatched, premium quality beauty solutions that deliver excellent results. Their range of high-performance beauty solutions and innovative hair care products are carefully curated and formulated from the best ingredients available in the market.

Pravana's complete range of ever-evolving hair products includes:

● ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Hair Colour Collection

● VIVIDS creative colours

● PURE LIGHT lighteners

● THE PERFECT BLONDE toning line

Apart from producing high-performance hair colour products, Pravana also has a complete collection of hairstyling and aftercare products that meet everyone's beauty needs.

Why Should I Use Pravana Hair Colours?

Pravana curates redefining personal hair care products popular in current beauty trends and commits to offering premium quality products made with a rightful approach. What more? Pravana continuously fosters fresh techniques and formulas that allow prolific stylists in the industry to try something out of the box and create a new trend.

● It has a collection of more than 135 award-winning shades including the VIVIDS and blonde shade collection. Ask any salon expert, and they’ll always say one name, ‘PRAVANA hair colour’.

● Their ChromaSilk collection is infused with hydrolysed silk amino acids which allows deep penetration of colour into your hair, providing you with long-lasting and vibrant colour.

● Parvana's hair colours contain natural keratin, so you don't have to worry about hair damage. Reflective shine guaranteed!

● The superior dye protective protein guarantees full coverage of grey hair.

What Does Pravana Hair Colour Range Include?

1. ChromaSilk

● 135+ shades of silk and keratin-based creme colours

● Works for both permanent and no-lift, demi-permanent colours.

● Low-ammonia formula

● 1: 1½ (Colour : Developer)


● A set of creative colour collection

● 15 VIVIDS, 5 NEONS, 5 PASTELS and 6 XL shades (individual)

● Collection of vibrant, long-lasting, semi-permanent colours

● Last 3-12 weeks depending on the texture


● Lifts and tones your hair colour

● A simple and gentle alternative for lightening up to five levels.

● 1:2 (Ultra Hi-Lifts: Developer)

Ready To Buy Your Parvana Hair Colour?

At Bellezza, we offer you an extensive range of Parvana hair colour available in a variety of different shades - from Blissful Blue, Neon Green, Enchanted Pink to Neutrals. Being one of the best hair salon supplies in Australia, we guarantee all your hair care needs will be fulfilled. Need a Pravana hair colour range or Matrix hair colour? Talk to us

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