It's in the Stars: Your Signature Beauty Look Based On Your Zodiac

It's in the Stars: Your Signature Beauty Look Based On Your Zodiac

Published by Palladio Australia on 12th Mar 2019

Your love life, your career, and down to what color you should paint your house can all be determined (or at the very least theorized) by a little thing we like to call astrology. Referred to by most as star signs, or the zodiac, these signs are a great indicator or predictor as to what our personalities are like and what activities we should pursue based upon certain celestial bodies.

Did you know that your zodiac sign can not only point you to the next yoga class you should try, but that it also helps when it comes to figuring out a signature beauty look? Palladio Beauty is here today to prove to Pisces women and Gemini gals that our personalities are more closely related to our daily beauty routines than you may think!

Fiery Aries women are physically animated, always on the go, and striking in their appearance. Bold brows, a bold lip, and intense liner should all be in the Aries beauty bag for a flawless, and “here I am” look.

An Earth sign and lover of all things natural, it’s no surprise that the signature beauty look for the grounded Taurus woman is neutral in color, and chemical free. A rich, copper eyeshadow and nude lipstick are this sign’s makeup must-haves.

Playful and fun-loving Gemini exude excitement and are anything but boring. This is apparent through various makeup looks, so multi-tasking beauty products and professional online makeup brushes are ideal for these ladies. Consider a blush that doubles as an eyeshadow or brow pencil that can also be used for eyeliner!

The soft and delicate Cancer girl looks best draped in all pink everything. Also, a very emotional sign, make sure any makeup is waterproof to keep everything in place.

Confident Leo wants lights, camera, and action all the time, and can rock the most daring makeup looks with ease. Metallic eyeshadows, long lashes, and a bright lip are perfect beauty staples for this fierce lioness.

Out of all the signs, Virgo is the perfectionist of the bunch, so glowing skin and oil absorbing sheets go without saying. A Virgo’s beauty arsenal isn’t complete without a skin-tone matching bronzer and nicely hued highlighter to show off that lovely complexion.

Known for their very balanced personality, the same goes for the Libra woman’s makeup regimen. A polished lip and beautiful eye makeup are a must for this feel-good star sign. Try pairing together a bright, red lipstick and black winged eyeliner for a timeless beauty style.

Mysterious and secretive at heart, Scorpio’s are an intense sign and what could be more intense than a smokey eye? Accentuate those already striking eyes with a big fat kohl pencil for a fearless, dramatic look.

Always on the prowl for the newest and hottest trends, Sagittarius girls are constantly changing up their style. One thing this sign does not compromise on is that their makeup has to be quick and long-lasting, so naturally a lip stain fits right into their beauty bag!

When there is work to be done, who has time for a full makeup application? Not the Capricorn girl, that’s for sure. Capricorn’s are determined, level-headed signs of the zodiac, so a minimalistic look is their go-to. A bold brow, a quick swipe of mascara, and lip balm are essential.

Pisces is a magical sign and they love to sparkle, shimmer, and shine wherever they go. Therefore, lots of shimmery eyeshadow and highlighter goes into a daily look.

The most artistic of all the zodiac, Aquarians take trends and put their own spin on them to make them completely their own. A bright blue eyeshadow, mascara, or equally bright cosmetic brings this sign the unique look they are searching for.

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