What’s The Deal With Makeup Primer and Do I Need It?

What’s The Deal With Makeup Primer and Do I Need It?

Published by Palladio Australia on 12th Mar 2019

When makeup primer stepped into the beauty scene nearly a decade ago, it was only used by professional beauty artists on women that required their face makeup to last for hours on end (think celebrities and brides). Since then the use of various primers for the face, eyelashes, and eyelids has skyrocketed with U.S. sales steadily climbing from year to year.

So, what’s the deal with makeup primer and is it worth the investment? The answer is yes. Absolutely one thousand percent yes. Whether you are looking to smooth and fill fine lines, mattify shine, or create an even base for your face makeup products, primer does all three plus so much more! We asked our makeup experts here at Palladio Beauty why face primer should be a staple in every woman’s regular beauty routine and this is what they had to say.

Smooth Out Imperfections

If you’ve been trying to achieve an airbrushed look with just foundation alone, chances are, it's going to be very difficult. Applying a primer before foundation not only provides a smooth canvas for application, but also produces a “blurring effect” to your skin. Primer fills in fine lines, pores, and creases for a photo-ready face every time.

The Great Barrier

Makeup clogs pores, it’s a well-known fact, but the chances of suffering a breakout are much less with the great barrier of primer! Primer keeps makeup from soaking into the skin and is a must-have product if your complexion is sensitive and prone to clogged pores and breakouts.

A Multitasking Product

Not every woman’s skin type, texture, and goal are the same; therefore primers can be utilized for more than just priming. Choosing a primer that fits your goals and needs has never been easier with how many multitasking primers are available on the market today. Zap away oil with a mattifying primer, add luminosity to the skin, or color correct, and nix the heavy foundation for good!

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