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Palladio The Brow Definer Retractable Eyebrow Pencil Dark Brown

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What it is:

Palladio Beauty Brow Definer is a 2-in-1 retractable eyebrow pencil that lets you easily shape, fill and define for enhanced, natural-looking brows. Available in 4 shades, this triangular-tipped brow pencil delivers bold definition and volume thanks to its versatile 3 angled sides. The other side of The Brow Definer features a soft nylon spoolie brush to fill in and blend color into unruly brows for a natural and full appearance.

More About This Product:

Smooth and creamy buildable matte formula can go from light to dark with layered strokes, Infused with Vitamin E to help boost and nourish the roots of your hair while antioxidant rich Vitamin C helps to kill free radicals that cause dry, weak and brittle hair.

Combine with our Definer Micro Pencil for precise fine hairlike strokes, and our Brow Gel to set, and shape brow for all day wear.

Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free |  Gluten-Free | Vegan

  • How to Apply:

    1.) Define the shape of your brow.

    2.) Using light feathery strokes fill in sparse or overplucked areas of your brows

    3.) Brush brows using the built in spoolie brush to diffuse color and blend for a natural look.

    4.) No pencil sharpener required. Simply twist up to reveal more product.

    Pro Tip:

    • Using the fine pointed tip create hairlike strokes by applying light pressure and feathery swiping in the direction of hair’s natural growth.

    • For a quick, on-the-go brow application, use the flat side of the pencil to outline the top and the bottom of the brow, shade in the center of the brow and blend.

    • Keep The Brow Definer sharp by lightly swiping the tip on a piece of paper. Start by exposing a small amount of product, then gently run the widest side of the pencil in an up-and-down motion on a flat sheet of paper. This will restore its shape and refresh the tip and sides.

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