4 Best Hair Straighteners of 2022 - For Any Budget!

4 Best Hair Straighteners of 2022 - For Any Budget!

2nd Mar 2022

Hair straighteners - a hairstyling essential commonly found in every vanity drawer. Those using hair styling equipment understand the importance of having a hair straightener to style their untamed hair. Hair straighteners can either make or break the look. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a hair straightener suitable to your hair type and style. But with hundreds of hair straighteners available in the market, how to know which one will be suitable for you? Don't worry!

We have created a list of the best hair straighteners and flat irons to help you determine a suitable hairstyling option for your hair.

1. The ghd Original Styler

Bellezza Price - $185

First on our best hair straightener list is The ghd Original Styler, also known as the ghd IV Styler. The ghd Original Styler offers sleek and smooth hair every day with enhanced shine. The OG hair styling equipment uses ceramic heat technology to style hair at optimum temperature, thus offering you the best results. The ghd Original Styler comes with automatic sleep mode and universal voltage. The rounded barrel and floating plates allow you to glide the styler easily through their hair and style them the way they want to. The ghd Original Styler is an excellent all-around heat styling equipment for all hair types.

  • Original ceramic heat technology
  • Optimum styling temperature of 185°C
  • Floating plates
  • Round barrel
  • Automatic sleep mode and Universal voltage
  • Professional length 2.7m cable
  • 30-second heat up time
  • AU two-pin plug

2. Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Straightener

Bellezza Price - $210

Straightening unruly, thick, and coarse hair can be a real struggle. For those individuals, Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Hair Straightener is your best friend! Featuring friction-free 25mm titanium floating plates, this straightener can easily tame any thick or coarse hair and provide you with smooth, straight hair. Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Hair Straightener has an adjustable temperature of up to 230°C, which allows you to straighten your unmanageable hair easily. The straightener also features advanced surround heat that ensures faster curls, flick, and waves.

  • Friction-free titanium floating plates
  • Adjustable temperature up to 230°C
  • Straightener controls on the inside of the handle
  • Advanced surround heat for faster curls, flick and waves
  • Ideal for use with permanent and keratin straightening setting

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3. The ghd Max Wide Plate Styler

Bellezza Price - $320

If you want to style your thick and unmanageable hair, choose the ghd Max Hair Straightener. The wide-plate ceramic straightener can easily style thick, long and coarse hair, without causing heat damage. With 70% larger plates, this heat styling equipment guarantees faster straightening than any other smaller straighteners. Ideally called a straightener, the ghd Max Hair Straightener can also be used to create lush, loose waves.

  • 4.2 cm x 9 cm ceramic plates
  • Faster to use than smaller straighteners
  • 70% larger plates
  • Ideal styling temperature - 185°C
  • Heats in 30 seconds
  • Dual-zone technology for even heat
  • Floating plates and rounded edges
  • Automatic sleep mode and Universal voltage

4. Muk Style Stick 230IR

Bellezza Price - $159.95

Muk Style Stick 230IR is an all-around hair straightener that can be used to achieve silky straight or bouncy curly hair. The heat styling equipment features infrared light in a ceramic plate that ensures optimal heating temperature throughout the system. In just one pass, you can straighten your hair effectively while ensuring enhanced shine, complete moisture balance, and thermal damage protection.

  • Infrared light tourmaline ceramic plate
  • Adjustable temperature - 90°C - 230°C
  • Ionic generator
  • Auto Shut Off and Universal Voltage
  • Super Rapid Heat Up

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