Brush Up On Your Makeup Skills: 8 Essential Beauty Brushes and How to Use Them

Brush Up On Your Makeup Skills: 8 Essential Beauty Brushes and How to Use Them

Published by Palladio Australia on 7th Jul 2019

For someone new in the world of beauty, makeup brushes can be very intimidating. How do I use them? How often should I wash them? Can’t I just use my fingertips? The thing is, having the right tools accounts for half of the battle when it comes to makeup application. You could own the finest foundation kit or eyeshadow palette in the world, but without the correct brushes, your desired look will be mediocre at best.

At Palladio Beauty, we have a solid range of makeup brushes online that are essential to every woman’s beauty bag. Today we are going to detail not only which brushes you need, but also how to use them.

Powder Brush Powder Brush
Ideal for evenly distributing loose powders, setting foundation, or blending out blush, contour, and highlighting. A powder brush has a rounded shape with soft bristles which makes all of the above tasks super easy, without smudging your foundation.

Foundation Brush Foundation Brush
Best when used with liquid foundations, a flat, tapered brush is the perfect tool for a flawless, streak-free finish. Apply foundation starting in the center of the face or in areas that need the most coverage and use downward strokes until completely blended.

Bronzer Brush Bronzer Brush
Very similar to a powder brush, a bronzer brush makes applying blush, bronzer, and various other powders a breeze with its gently blending soft bristles. To achieve a nice glow, sweep the brush gently around the hairline on the outer edges of the forehead and on the cheekbones, blending upwards.

Angled Blush Brush Angled Blush Brush
Depositing just the right amount of color to accentuate your cheekbones, an angled blush brush is a must-have beauty tool. To use, smile in the mirror to locate the apples of the cheeks, and dust short strokes of color toward the hairline.

Shadow Blending Brush Shadow Blending Brush
Those looking to seamlessly blend different eyeshadow colors, the shadow blending brush is going to be your best friend. Suitable for blending both a light dusting of color or a deep shade on the eyelid, harsh lines will be a thing of the past.

Flat Shadow Brush Flat Shadow Brush
If you desire a wet eyeshadow look, the flat shadow brush is perfect! Lightly sprinkle the brush with some water and gently rub it into your eyeshadow, collecting more shadow for a more dramatic appearance. For a minimalistic approach, do not wet the brush and swipe the brush over the entire lid until satisfied.

Angle Liner Brush Angle Liner Brush
A multitasking brush, the angle liner works wonderfully at applying pomades, brow powders, as well as gel and powder eyeliners. The angled liner delivers precise and even lines with one easy swipe!

Smudge Brush The Smudge Brush
Last but not least, we have the smudge brush. It’s pointed sponge applicator effortlessly creates a smokey eye for a completely customized look, reaching even the smallest places on the eyelid in a cinch.

Please browse Palladio Beauty’s complete inventory of face makeup products and accessories to find the perfect product for you!

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