Essential Accessories Every Barber Needs!

Essential Accessories Every Barber Needs!

Published by Rob Tamburro on 7th Jul 2022

Being a great barber comes with great responsibilities. Your to-do list is not just to cut hair, but it is to cut it with style. Anyone with a pair of scissors or any tool can cut hair. But skilled professionals are the only ones who can check the box of styling with passion. Barber suppliesare more important than you think, especially if you are just starting out.

As a barber, your tools can completely change the look of your work and take it to the next level. Not in terms of just cutting hair or styling it, but also based on how your customer feels during the procedure and post it. You may have tried your hand at numerous tools and products. It can sometimes get frustrating to find tools that are the perfect match for you.

In this article, we will list a few products and tools that have stood the test of time and proved to be one of the best in the hairdressing game. These accessories are relied on by hairdressers all around the world and are now making their way to you.

Perfecting Details With Trimmers And Shavers:

A perfect line or fade can only be achieved with a competent trimmer and shaver. These details look flawless because of tools that make it happen easily.

The Andis Profoil Lithium PLUS Shaver With Stand is a tool that stands out from the rest. This TS-2 Shaver is a class above the regular professional shaver. It is lightweight and features a gold titanium hypoallergenic foil that makes sure that every stroke is smooth and does not leave any cuts and bumps behind. This tool is ideal to give an impressive fade or removing stubble!

Another note-worthy trimmer is Wahl’s Beret Pro Lithium Silver Trimmer. It is sleek, cordless, and can be fully charged in just one hour! This kit is equipped with four attachment combs: 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 13mm. 

Hair Dryers You Can’t And Should Not Miss:

Hair dyers just make life easier. Imagine hopping out of the shower and having to wait for hours before your hair is completely dry. Especially when you are a barber, you cannot wait forever to style someone’s hair. Apart from that, hair dryers can help you style hair with ease and make it more efficient.

Parlux’ Alyon Air Ionizer Hair Dryer 2250W & Diffuser - Midnight Blue is a best seller! With an anti-cheating frontal body, you can easily use this device without hurting yourself. Best for creative style, this dryer makes it easier to achieve a smooth and lustrous look while also making sure that it is not too harsh on the hair!

Suave Shaving Tools:

Nothing makes one feel at a barber’s like an old-school close shave. Give your customers the ultimate shaving experience with Wahl’s Folding Hair Razor. The blades in this tool are replaceable and it is available in the colours black and white.

To keep your customer clean, invest in Wahl’s WP3012 Polyester Cape Black which is water-resistant and will keep any waste away from your customer.

Last but not the least, neck dusters are a must to own when you’re a barber. You can’t have a customer looking dirty with hair stuck all over their neck. Wahl Barber Neck Duster can help you give your clients a comfortable finish instead of a prickly sensation to endure all the way home! Featuring nylon bristles, you can easily clean all fallen hair in a few strokes!

Apart from these amazing products, Bellezza features innovative products, such as organisation mats, hygiene sprays, water spray bottles, and much more such equipment that ensure your client has a relaxing and fun experience! Hop on over to our website to explore more products and find your perfect fit. Finding barber and hairdressing supplies just got more fun!

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